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Tonic Water

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If you are using inferior tonic to build your drink, all your fancy bar tools and well-honed technique will be for naught. The quality of your tonic water is critically important and worth the additional expense over bottom-shelf tonics. Premium tonic waters like Fever-Tree and Q Tonic and tonic concentrates like Tomr’s and Jack Rudy are made with high-quality sweeteners like cane sugar or agave, natural quinine from cinchona tree bark, and complex bouquets of botanicals, giving them a leg up over commodity tonics that rely on corn syrup and artificial ingredients.

Want to craft a world-class Gin & Tonic? Premium tonic is a great place to start. For more advice, check out our blog posts “How To Make a Proper Gin and Tonic,” and "Spanish Gin Tonics Take Hold in the United States.”

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