How to Turn Your Moscow Mule Mugs Into Jack O’ Lanterns (Temporarily)

pumpkin mug
Moscow Mule mugs are festive all on their own. Made of solid copper with a nickel-lined interior and brass handle, they have an old-timey, otherworldly aesthetic that can evoke everything from a colonial era tavern to a Dickens-esque holiday table to a wizarding world boarding school, depending on context.

At Halloween time, the orange(ish), bulbous mugs are especially appropriate given their vague resemblance to pumpkins. To play up that likeness, jack o’ lantern style, all you need is an exacto knife and some standard black electrical tape.

That’s right. One tool, one everyday material, and about five minutes of effort is all you need to transform a standard Moscow Mule mug–or even a hammered copper tankard–into a Pinterest-worthy party detail.

pumpkin tap and mugs

The process is simple. Just use the exacto knife to cut two eyes, a nose, and a smile (or fearsome snarl) out of the electrical tape. Next. stick each piece, in a face-appropriate configuration, to the side of the mug. It’s a good idea to create a face of both sides of the mug. That way, no matter how you hold it, everyone can catch a glimpse of your handiwork.

exacto knife
mule mug

As for the design of each facial feature, get creative! Classic triangles are a safe bet, but you can get as outlandish as you would carving a real pumpkin. 

mule pumpkins


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