Porron Like A Pro: 5 Easy Steps To Drinking From A Porron

Master the art of this Spanish drinking tool with our five-step guide to drinking from a porron.


Step 1: Pick your porron.

Porrones can be glass, ceramic or even plastic for the porron-er on the go. Whichever style you prefer, all will still create the classic porron pour.

Step 2: Fill the the porron with wine.

Or the beverage of your choice. Traditionally porrones are filled with wine, cider or shandy, but many restaurants are now expanding their porron offering to include beer and rose. Whatever your drink of choice, porrones generally hold .75 liters (about a standard bottle of wine).

Step 3: Start low.

Hold the porron comfortably in your hand, then raise the nozzle close to your mouth. As a stream starts to flow from the porron, begin to tilt your head back.

Step 4: Extend high.

With a quick flick of your wrist, as your head is still tilt back, begin to slowly extend your arm up to elevate the porron in the air. The porron will create a long, arched stream of your beverage into your mouth.  

Step 5: Finish low.

After extending high, reverse your wrist and arm motion back to your starting position so that the porron is near your mouth and the beverage has stopped flowing.


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