Red, White & Blueberry: A Fourth of July Cocktail Recipe

4th of july cocktail
If you’re entertaining a crowd on Fourth of July weekend, you may not want to spend your time shaking up high-maintenance cocktails
ad nauseam for throngs of thirsty guests. But you likely still want to serve something festive.

In that case, these refreshing red, white, and blue cocktails are just the ticket. In advance of your party, just mix up and freeze a batch of strawberry-lemon ice cubes (recipe below), which contain some of the essential elements of your cocktail. Then, when you’re ready to serve, you simply pop out a few cubes and pour over your spirits and tonic water. As the ice cubes melt, the drink’s flavor profile slowly changes, making it an enticing tipple from first sip to last drop.

Yield: 1 cocktail

1 ½ ounces vodka
¼ ounce dry vermouth
3 ounces Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water, chilled
1 strawberry-lemon ice cube (recipe below)
2 blueberry ice cubes (instructions below)

Perfect cube ice trays
Citrus juicer
Mixing glass
Bar spoon

Highball glass


In a highball glass, stack one strawberry-bitter lemon ice cube between two blueberry ice cubes.

cocktail ice

In a mixing glass, combine vodka and dry vermouth and stir with a bar spoon to combine. 
Pour the vodka-vermouth mixture over the ice in the highball glass.

mixing glass
Top with chilled tonic water.

 tonic water

Recipe: Strawberry-Lemon Cocktail Ice Cubes

Yield: Approximately 30 ice cubes

32 ounces fresh strawberries
5 ounces fresh lemon juice
30 dashes lemon cocktail bitters


Wash and hull strawberries; dry thoroughly.
Add hulled strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and bitters to a blender; puree until smooth.
Fill each cell of a perfect cube ice tray will strawberry-lemon mixture. You should have enough of the mixture to fill two trays.
Freeze until firm. Use immediately or transfer to a freezer bag for longer-term storage.

To make blueberry ice cubes:
Boil distilled or filtered water* on the stove for 3 to 5 minutes; leave it to cool to room temperature. Once cooled, fill each cell of your perfect cube ice trays with fresh blueberries about ⅘ of the way, then fill to the top with cooled water. Freeze until solid.

*Using distilled or filtered water that has been boiled will help you achieve a clearer (though not perfectly clear) ice cube.

blueberry ice cubes


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