Turn Up the Heat: Warm Cocktails to Get You Through Fall and Winter


Because cold days call for hot nightcaps. 

1. Hot Coconut Buttered Rum

hot coconut buttered rum

Honestly Yum / via HonestlyYum.com

Coconut oil makes this richly spiced, cold weather cocktail low-key vegan. Brown sugar and aged rum ensure it’s no less decadent than the original. Get the recipe.

2. Hot Miso Brown-Buttered Rum

buttered rum recipe

Browning the butter before you make your batter gives the cocktail a toasty, nutty flavor. White miso adds a punch of salt and umami. Not vegan or virtuous, but so good. Check out the recipe.

3. Hot Cider Nog

hot cider nog

How Sweet Eats / via HowSweetEats.com

Mulled cider meets egg nog. Enough said. Learn more.

4. Mexican Hot Chocolate with Mezcal Whipped Cream

Mexican Hot Chocolate with Mezcal Whipped Cream

Garnish Girl / via GarnishBlog.com

Smokey Ancho Reyes Chili Liqueur gives this hot chocolate its south of the border flavor profile. Spiked whipped cream is the literal and proverbial icing. Learn how to make it.

5. Bourbon-Spiked Chai Tea

spiked chai tea

Half Baked Harvest / via HalfBakedHarvest.com

Black tea, aromatic spices, fresh ginger, warm milk, and bourbon–a.k.a., the stuff of dreams. Start dreaming.

6. Classic Irish Coffee

irish coffee recipe

 There’s an art to building the perfect Irish coffee. See how it’s done.

7. Homemade Irish Cream


homemade irish cream

Smitten Kitchen / via Smitten Kitchen

Okay, so this one isn’t a warm cocktail. But it is a recipe for a Bailey’s-esque cream liqueur. And pretty much nothing tastes better in hot coffee. Boom. Cocktail. Get the recipe.

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  • Rachel Frampton August 10, 2018 @ 5:26pm

    I loved your suggestions for some good cold weather cocktails. I’m not great at making my own so I’ll probably just hit up the pub but I thought the mulled cider and eggnog cocktail looked amazing. As a huge eggnog fan, I’m definitely going to have to try this one out over this winter.

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